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The weekend is coming fast it’s Monday so now is the time to think about what your going to serve to your family or bring to the 4th of July event if your going somewhere.  I wanted to offer you some really quick, easy also tasty recipes great for a summer day!

~  Think outside the breadbox ~

While Wellsley Farms breads and croissants are tasty and hearty enough to stand alone, they’re delicious with simple toppings found at your local BJ’s.  Try jams, cream cheese or artisan cheeses, cured meats and sausages, vegetables or sliced fruit, hummus and avocado. Here are just a few ideas on pairing our artisan breads with delicious additions.

If you don’t have a BJ’s membership BJ’s is offering a Free 60 day BJ’s Membership!  However the membership must be activated before July 5, 2010!  Go here to get all the details!


A simple and sensational hors d’oeuvre for a summer night.  Slice Wellsley Farms® Pane Italiano into ½” slices.  Top with Wellsley Farms® Goat Cheese and Keepos™ Olive Tapenade.



Want to see a plate clear fast?   Serve this at your next party.   Slice a Wellsley Farms® French Baguette into 1″ slices and toast. Top with a slice of BelGioioso® Mozzarella Cheese, Fresh Basil, sliced Campari® Tomato and season with salt and pepper. 


 Mix softened Land O’Lakes® Butter with Honey and spread on a Wellsley Farms® Multigrain Croissant. Sprinkle Berkley & Jensen® Walnuts…et voilà.



  Serve as a light summery snack or as a side for a Greek salad. Spread Sabra™ Hummus and slices of Cucumber on toasted slices of Wellsley Farms® Sesame Semolina bread.

Thanks to BJ’s for the Recipes & Photos!

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